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There are two resume formats that can be used for technical resumes — chronological and hybrid. IT hiring managers want to know what you did, for whom, and during what time frame, and they’re typically focused on the last 7-8 years of employment.

This incorporates all the changes from the authors or other contributors.

Recently passed The Proficiency Test in Trading Business Exam and scored over 900 in TOEIC Test. Currently seeking positions of increased responsibility for notable achievements. blablabla Trading Shinagawa City, Tokyo 2007. Market Research. ・Investigate and negotiate with suppliers and customers of specific products ※this part of my job is, when I get a product research order form my boss, I google it searching for buyers or makers, and if any results turn out , I list them all up then contact them via mail and phone, i am not sure if I stated them right in those expressions. ・Analyze market background of specific products. ・Building up English and Chinese version of Company Homepage ※it means I made the homepage(but technically half of it are done by another person ), and wrote the eng and chinese version. ・Held the responsibility of vice-president’s secretary work. ・Conduct the recruitment of newly open Shanghai branch office.

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I’m not a lawyer, but I suspect not, unless you have a specific written agreement that prohibits it. Otherwise you’d need to prove that you would have gotten the job otherwise, which would be difficult/impossible to prove.

Skills and personal qualities.

Try and align your skills with those required of the position for which you’re applying. Avoid irrelevant selling points . You may have been the fastest typist in your graduating class but if you’re not applying to be a court reporter it probably isn’t relevant.

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