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On their website is a long list of companies that use freelancers and the type of specialist fields where freelancers are needed. Online Proofreading Employment. Global Company sometimes seeks qualified freelance proofreaders. You must be completely equipped for handling work through the Internet.

Practicing one’s craft is how one perfects it. Practice until you internalize the form and structure of a good article, and producing them becomes second nature. Everybody has something interesting to say.

Can be used in cases where the information is very interesting to the reader, but the author for reasons of personal employment or unfamiliarity with the peculiarities of literary labor can not prepare the text for publication. We are ready to proofread and edit your essay and guarantee your work will be readable and with no mistakes. Are you looking for a reliable and professional person to edit your paper?

Go create some!

You have more to share than you realize — and the world is always in need of meaningful, compelling content that conveys knowledge and helps people understand.

But Brandignity doesn’t just take on projects; we make it a partnership ensuring not only solid quality, but top notch copy writing. Our writers love to to write and it shows in every writing project we take on. Capabilities.

If you are interested in applying, please use the form at You will subsequently be sent at a preselected time, a timed 30-minute editing test. Promoting Your Service. If you want to offer your proofreading services, consider creating your own website.

ACADEMICWORD offers competitive compensation and flexible work schedules.

We seek applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including the natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, engineering, law, and the humanities. Projects can vary from 10-page research papers up to thousand-page book manuscripts. Editors are paid per assignment and work from their own computers, with assignments delivered and returned by e-mail.

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